How Spectra Baby Continues to Grow 60% Year over Year with Narrow Distribution

Katie Lavin

July 20, 2022

spectra baby grows with pattern

It is tempting for brands to consider multiple distribution channels on ecommerce platforms.  Intuitively, more distribution channels should mean more opportunities for revenue, but, in actuality, wide distribution often ends with inconsistent listings, inaccurate content, and a downfall of brand image.  When combined, the erosion of brand equity ends up hurting sales.

Spectra Baby, following this rationale for revenue growth, was implementing a wide distribution strategy that caused many of their listings to have inconsistent, limited, and poor content.  Without clean images, consistent and informational copy, and deep product descriptions for its customers, Spectra was losing sales on marketplaces like Amazon.

Even after realizing a narrow distribution strategy may have been a better option, it was extremely difficult for Spectra alone to clean up its distribution network with limited bandwidth.  This is where Pattern, a 3P partner and ecommerce accelerator, stepped in and redirected the Spectra Baby distribution strategy which positively impacted its brand, equity, and increased profitability.


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Wide Distribution Negatively Impacts Spectra Baby

In the baby category, new parents dedicate a lot of time to learning about products before buying anything, especially a breast pump.  So, it is essential for a brand like Spectra to have quality content and clean listings to aid in the discovery and research process, move consumers through the funnel, and grow trust with their consumers.  Without an ability to control its distribution, Spectra Baby’s product listings were all over the map, and did not consistently provide all the information parents were looking for. Without confidence in the product listing, brand equity, consumer trust and loyalty was eroding.

Pattern Shifts Spectra Baby to Narrow Strategy

Using proprietary technology and data-driven insights, Pattern provided Spectra with a detailed analysis to redirect its distribution strategy.  By restructuring their seller strategy from wide to narrow, Spectra was able to establish authorized, quality sellers, gain price control, and regain brand control.

Narrow Distribution Grows Spectra 60% Year Over Year

Since starting their partnership with Pattern in 2018, by narrowing their distribution network and winning the buy box on Amazon, Spectra Baby’s total ecommerce revenue has grown consistently 60% year over year.

Distribution Control Improves Ad Sales by 146%

Advertising sales have increased 146% year over year with a return on ad spend (ROAS) increasing by 27%.  As a result of quality listings and advertising expertise, organic clicks on keyword campaigns have increased traffic to quality Spectra Baby listings by 54.87% compared to 2021.  Spectra continues to organically rank by focusing on quality content—images and informational copy—and improved brand image.

Pattern Helps Brands Win with Narrow Distribution

Pattern has the unmatched, proprietary technology, data, and expertise to help brands clean up their distribution network and succeed on ecommerce marketplaces.  With a narrow distribution strategy, Pattern’s brand, creative, and advertising experts partner with brands to achieve marketplace traffic, conversion, and grow profitability.

Get in touch with our experts to discuss how Pattern can help narrow your ecommerce strategy.


Want to learn more? Download our complete Spectra Baby Case Study.

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